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Cover: Surviving Blind Faith


(A lovely rich white socialite, doing charity work, falls under the spell of a poor Muslim Imam from the ghetto. Her life will never be the same.)

CRAIG KELLEM (former Universal and Fox development executive) "Surviving Blind Faith" is a magnificent and moving tale about a quintessential do-gooder, upper-end white woman, who, hook, line and sinker falls into a world that is completely unfamiliar to her. Faced with obstacles galore, she encounters issue after issue, problem after problem, disaster after disaster, but always finds the grace to do what needs to be done. The characters that she encounters along the way are colorful, heroically tragic, off the wall, true-to-life -- they truly live and breathe on these pages. Her eventual fragile love affair with the Imam follows a bumpy, but wonderfully quixotic trajectory, with an undertone of danger and mystery. This piece is loaded with memorable events and situations, many of which break your heart or dazzle you with their uniqueness and pathos. Character piece as it may be, a strong story travels through the center of things, and in its wake, both drama and jeopardy are rich and abundant. Eminently castable and embedded in majestic quality, this will make a humdinger of an entertaining film.