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Cover: The Boy Who Met God


(Screenplay Under Development)

A twisted time-traveling science fiction thriller.

The story is part religious and part Sci-Fi. There are two main characters who are off on an adventure, brother and sister. After all the tribal scenes, this Sci-Fi encounter comes into play after they leave their home and start the journey incorporating time-travel and a human sacrifice. The secondary characters and tribal women are funny and interesting.
This soon to be screenplay can simply be read as its surface tale, with nothing detracting from it. The reader can enjoy a tale and go on with their day, or the reader can look below the surface and curl up with a page turner that sticks in the mind long after the book has been finished. I found myself talking about this one in depth with my sweetie; we've not had a good book discussion like that in awhile. Be sure to pick this one up! Well worth your time.
PROFESSIONAL COMMENT BY JUDY HAMMETT "Compelling Stuff! So interesting to slowly have the post-apocalyptic earth come into gradual focus while at the same time getting a creation story that pre-dates The Industrial Revolution! Dynamic!"