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Cover: The Hotel on Massacre Lane


A Brace of Love Stories

(WARNING: Let it be known, by all humankind, that we cosmic forces, in the course of our duty, being living entities the same as yourselves, proclaim the right to love, hate, nourish, or destroy, any of you or all of you as we see fit.)

A Cosmic Force falls in love with a lovely socialite. A lovely socialite seeks the great love of her life. "Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. In one experiment he filled three jars with rice and water and spoke to them every morning for thirty days. To the first jar he said, "Thank you." After thirty days the rice started to ferment and give off a pleasant aroma. He said, "You are an idiot," to the second jar, which turned black. He completely ignored the third jar, which began to rot and become covered in green mold."

What would be the consequences of saying "I love you?"

COMMENTS: The author has a knack of drawing the viewer in and slowly revealing the plot layer by layer. This screenplay is filled with complex characters and nothing is what it seems. A forbidden love, a very spooky and haunted hotel, who is good and who is evil, people disappearing and throughout it all you learn about Islam. Fast paced and frightening, this film will keep you on the edge of your seat.

COMMENTS: This is a beautifully original piece with intense cinematic sequences, gorgeously philosophical, and memorable dialogue, and a story that is deeply thought provoking. The multi-layers of social and existential commentary embedded within this dramatic, ghoulish tale set within a present day/ghettoized anywhere/USA, effectively transports the viewer along the anomic journey experienced by our heroine. Sophia starts in a state of disillusionment at the realization that the very premise upon which she'd married was a deception -- Jackson never liked woman, period. And then as she sheds her initial instincts to fear drug dealers and addicts, prostitutes and people living in dire poverty, she can't avoid knocking up against the same jarring questions about the fragility of "reality" and how quickly intuition can be diffused, or vaporized by false presentations. This script is an ambitious, complex work that is well worth a read. Recommended.