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Sunny Kincaid Cover


Thriller With A Western Flavor

(Sunny Kincaid is the story of a country girl who learned about men from a bad one, the woman she becomes walks the dark side.)

Sunny Kincaid is a taut psycho-sexual thriller so beautifully written, it verges on poetry. Swan took me on a hair raising journey through Sunny's troubled and shattered psyche. The story left me wondering if Sunny could ever fill in the hole in her soul left by the abject moral bankruptcy of nearly everyone she came in contact with. What I am sure of is I'd follow Sunny down every rabbit hole she can't help but explore.

CRAIG KELLEM (former Universal and Fox development executive): If going to the movies is ultimately about compelling emotional engagement, amping up our senses (as well as our interest) to a tangible fever pitch then Sunny Kincaid goes to the top of the charts. It's a deep and relatable often tragic character study on the visceral level of a film such as "Monster" and "The Accused", while at the same time offering a terrific thriller thruline supplemented by a rich sprinkling of character fodder all around. What a film it will make. One of the very best projects we've seen! RECOMMENDED.