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A psychological journey into realty and the five tumultuous stages of death

A perfect family. A weird, ominous, unexpected guest. A very unusual and awkward dinner. The judgement has begun.

The Millers, a typical modern upscale family of four, is abruptly shattered by the unexpected arrival of Uriel, a suave new neighbor and an enchanting and mesmerizing dinner guest. Uriel is there for a distinctive reason... Their refusal to cooperate or advocate Uriel's provocative devout punctilio inflames a concatenation of personal conflicts that manipulates the entire family into a spiral of unavoidable turmoil... only to be awakened as powerless prisoners in a glass cage, plunged into what will be the first of a series of psychological drama of unforeseeable consequences.

COMMENTS: The script is solid and appealing: I know that there is strong interest in the marketplace these days for grounded psychological thrillers and smart genre material.

COMMENTS: I am impressed with the truths that you are looking to uncover with this film. Everyone has a dark Silent -- Wow! I was looking at it... and what caught my attention was that this fact that everyone has a deep dark Silent (or desire), even the people you wouldn't expect... the typical family.

Highly recommended and the premise described as "excellent".